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What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a brand new ClickBank dating/relationship offer for women.

Target Audience: Women who are chronically single / Women who continually date men who quickly grow cold and withdraw or refuse to commit / Women who are dating a man that has grown cold and who they worry is about to break up with them.

Sales Pitch / Angle: "Send these simple but powerful 'desire' text messages to a man to make him fall in love and commit to you"

Front-end product: $49.95
Order bump: $9.95
Upsell #1: $97/mo open-ended continuity subscription
Upsell #2: $49.95 e-book and video bundle (one-time)
Upsell #3: $19.95 e-book and video bundle (one-time)

Product Inclusions: 50,000 word professionally-designed e-book available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats; 13-part live-person video series; bundle of 3 bonus PDF's, each 30-40 pages in length; 1 audio interview (unadvertised bonus).

Why Should You Promote It?

  • Innovative, engaging VSL with a combination of live-person and animated sections
  • Proven sales copy featuring a fresh texting-focused angle
  • Entire funnel has been designed specifically for mobile users
  • Website and product are gorgeous and professional, boosting perceived value and customer experience
  • Over $1.40 EPC average (across all traffic sources) during our initial tests
  • Funnel includes an order bump (take rate of ~40%) and a 3-tier upsell flow (take rate of ~30%)
  • Affiliates earn 75% commissions on the entire funnel, plus any monthly re-bill payments on continuity upsells
  • Extremely high quality product that delivers genuinely useful content (which means satisfied customers and low refund rates)
  • Cash prizes totalling $5,000 for the top-10 affiliates during the contest
TC Tableau #1
  • Author Name:  Amy North
  • Product Cost:  $49.95
  • Order Bumps: 1 (over 35% take rate)
  • Upsells: 3 (almost 30% take rate)
  • Front-End Commissions:  75%
  • Back-End Commissions:  75%
  • Avg Sale Value: $44.70


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