The Ex Factor

What is The Ex Factor?

The Ex Factor is the all-time #1 best-selling "get your ex back" product on ClickBank.

Target Audience: Men and women who want to get back together with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

Front-end product: $47.00
Order bump: $9.95
Upsell #1: $97.00/month continuity subscription
Upsell #2: $99.95 e-book and video bundle
Downsell #3: $67.00/month continuity subscription
Downsell #4: $49.95 e-book and video bundle
Downsell #5: $19.95 e-book bundle

Product Inclusions: 40,000 word professionally-designed e-book; 15-chapter professional audio course; 3-part video series; bundle of 3 high-quality bonus PDF's (30-40+ pages each); extensive FAQ section. Texting-focused order bump ($9.95) includes an additional professionally-designed e-book.

Why Should You Promote It?

  • Constant Split Testing For 5+ Years = Thoroughly-Optimized Sales Funnel
  • Men's & Women's Versions With Separate VSL's = Higher Conv Rates
  • Multiple Recurring One-Click Upsells = Earn Monthly Commissions Indefinitely
  • Fresh, Unique Live-Person VSL Format = Instant Credibility, Engaged Viewers
  • Clean, Professional & Mobile-Friendly Website = Seamless User Experience
  • High Quality Product & Full-Time Support Staff = Happy Customers, Low Refunds

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Ex Factor Tableau
  • Author Name:  Brad Browning
  • Product Cost:  $47.00
  • Order Bumps: 1 (25% take rate)
  • Upsells: 4 (combined ~25% take rate)
  • Front-End Commissions:  75%
  • Back-End Commissions:  75%
  • Avg Sale Value: $43.80


LoveLearnings is a ClickBank Platinum vendor and publisher of multiple best-selling relationship offers (including "Text Chemistry" and "The Ex Factor Guide"). All of our products are currently among the top-50 offers on ClickBank, and have generated over $4 million in sales revenue.

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