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Affiliate Tips And FAQ’s

Advice, tips, and answers to commonly asked questions about promoting our products

FAQ’s: The Basics

Yes.  Please see our Affiliate Terms & Conditions page for a list of a few simple rules that all affiliates are required to adhere to.

We ask affiliates to use ethical marketing practices and avoid any kind of copyright infringement or plagiarism. We also require affiliates to be honest about their affiliate relationship with LoveLearnings Media Inc and avoid making false claims or misrepresenting our products, authors, or brand.

For affiliates planning on promoting our offers via Google Ads or Bing Ads, we do not allow bidding on any keywords that include the name of our products (ie. any search term including the phrase “The Ex Factor” or “Text Chemistry” etc) or author names (ie. any search term including the names “Brad Browning”, “Amy North”, “Kate Spring” or “LoveLearnings”).

You’ll also need to comply with ClickBank’s affiliate Terms of Use and the rules of any other platforms/services you plan to use for promoting our products as an affiliate.

Pretty simple, right? (But feel free to contact us for clarification or if you have any questions!)

All 5 of our best-selling products are sold through ClickBank, a leading online retailer and affiliate platform.  ClickBank automatically handles the tracking of affiliate referrals and sales, and ClickBank pays commissions for any sales you refer as an affiliate.

To get started, all you need is a free ClickBank account. You can sign up in less than 5 minutes by clicking here.

Once you create an account, you can generate “hoplinks” (unique affiliate tracking links) for any of our 5 products, and begin promoting them as an affiliate.  When someone clicks on your ClickBank hoplink and orders one of our programs, your ClickBank account will be credited with the commissions payout (typically 75% of the sale value).  ClickBank will then pay you directly every 2 weeks by either direct deposit or paper cheque (depending on your preference).

All 5 of our products are high-quality and high-converting, which is why they’re among ClickBank’s all-time best-selling offers (with total sales of over $17 million).

No matter which product you choose to promote as an affiliate, you can expect high conversions and the highest average commission payouts in the business.

If you have an existing website/blog, social media page, or advertising campaign that you plan to use to promote our products as an affiliate, we recommend you choose the product that best fits the audience of your website/ads/expertise.

We pay 75% commissions on all 5 of our products, plus 50-75% on all of our product “upsell” packages.

Depending on the product, you’ll earn a minimum of $40 for each sale you refer.  The average affiliate commissions per sale across all of our products is $55-$65, with some affiliates earning over $100 in commissions on a single transaction.

We offer increased commissions (up to 90%) for qualified affiliates upon request.  Please contact us to request a commissions bump if you’re an experienced media buyer or driving large traffic volumes.

You can also choose to switch to a CPA payout model, where you’ll earn a flat amount in commissions per sale instead of a percentage of each total transaction. Please get in touch to request a switch to CPA payouts. (CPA is typically only suited to media buying affiliates or affiliates who need cost certainty / guaranteed payouts.)

Top Tip For New Affiliates

When promoting any of our products, don’t mention product names in your ads, videos, blog posts, etc.  

Instead, try to entice your audience to click on your affiliate link to see a “free tutorial video” (our sales videos).  Hype up the free video instead of trying to sell the product itself!

This will generate more clicks on your affiliate link, as visitors will be more likely to click if they don’t yet known the ‘free video tutorial’ contains a sales pitch… and it allows us to introduce and sell the product through our carefully-optimized sales video and funnel.

FAQ’s: Promoting Our Offers

You can promote our 5 products as an affiliate on almost any platform and in almost any way.  (Click here to read the rules explaining the few things you are NOT allowed to do as an affiliate.)

The options for affiliate marketing generally fit into 2 categories:  free and paid.

Free ways to promote as an affiliate include SEO / content marketing, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Groups, etc.  This type of free affiliate marketing tends to require patience and persistence to begin generating income, but can eventually be extremely profitable and generate ongoing commissions revenue and passive income for you every single day.

Paid options for affiliate promotions include Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube Ads, Taboola, list buying / email drops, and many other media buying / advertising networks.  Paid advertising generates results very quickly and can be scaled up rapidly with very minimal work, but has more risk and lower profit margins than traffic generated from free sources.

Many of our affiliates have already proven that all of these mediums (both free and paid) can be extremely profitable.  Our affiliates have used Facebook Ads to generate millions in affiliate commissions, free YouTube channels to make thousands of affiliate sales, SEO content marketing to consistently refer hundreds of sales a month, and so on.

Our most successful affiliates — who generate hundreds or even thousands in affiliate commissions every single day by promoting our products — tend to be patient and persistent.  They typically focus on just 1 or 2 different methods or platforms, carefully test and optimize their websites/ad campaigns/videos, and take a long-term approach.

There’s no “one way” to succeed as an affiliate, though, and you can earn commissions on almost any platform or medium.  The affiliate tools and resources you’ll find for each of our products here on this website gives you much of what you’ll need to get started, so what are you waiting for?

If you have questions or need more guidance on how or where to promote any of our 5 products as an affiliate, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.  After all, your success is our success!

Probably not.  Sure, you can promote any of our offers by writing a review on a website, blog, social media page, etc… but we typically don’t recommend this approach.

There are 3 reasons we don’t recommend using a review:

  1. Because we do not allow affiliates to bid on search terms that include the names of our products on Google Ads or Bing Ads (see our affiliate terms and conditions for details).
  2. Because ranking reviews in Google or YouTube’s organic search results is extremely competitive and difficult.
  3. Because you do not bring in “new” leads to convert into customers, and rely on ‘buyer research’ keywords for traffic.

Generally, it is much more profitable to create general content — free advice articles, quizzes, lead gen opt-in funnels, etc — targeted at “how-to” keywords. For example, you could write articles on “how to text a guy you like” or “texts to make a man love you” and insert affiliate links into the article content (text links, ad banners, images, etc).

We offer a sleek and professional viral PDF e-book for each of our products.  This PDF is a free guide with plenty of good content and advice related to the issues that our products solve for customers, and includes a number of links within the PDF promoting our products.

If you contact us and provide your ClickBank ID, we can insert your affiliate link into a ‘branded’ copy of the viral PDF.  You can then use this free PDF to promote our products and earn affiliate commissions.

The viral PDF’s are yours to use however you like.  You can give them away on your website, social media page, blog, etc.

We recommend using the PDF’s as “opt-in bait” or a free gift that you send to subscribers who sign up to your mailing list with their email address.  This allows you to grow an email list which you can then send our pre-written promotional email “swipes” to send follow-up affiliate promotions.

Yes, you can place your affiliate tracking pixels or code snippets on our sales pages.

We recommend affiliates use ClickBank’s pixel management system to install your pixels on our sales funnels.  You can do this yourself within your ClickBank account – see this help document for instructions.  Setting up your pixel through ClickBank will pass actual $$ commissions earnings data for each referred sale (including upsells) back to your ad campaign’s analytics reporting (in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc).

We can also hard-code your pixels or tracking code snippets directly on our websites by request.  This will only pass flat commissions amounts for each conversion back to your advertising account / analytics reports, and requires us to handle installing/updating the pixel for you.  Please contact us to request hard-coding of your tracking pixel or snippet.

Top Tip For Writing Ad Copy

When writing copy for ads to promote our products, the best place to look for ideas is in the email swipes provided on our affiliate tools pages.

These pre-written emails have been carefully written to tie in to the hooks and angles in our sales videos / funnel, and all have been thoroughly tested and proven to generate clicks and conversions.  This makes the email swipes a perfect place to look for inspiration and ideas when writing ads, headlines, or pre-sale landing pages.

For ad headlines, look in particular at the subject lines for the email swipes and consider using them as headlines.  The body of the email swipes is great for pre-sale landing pages in order to generate clicks on your hoplink.

FAQ’s: About Our Products

Yes.  All 5 of our sales funnels include multiple upsell and downsell “upgrade” packages that customers can add to their order for an additional fee.

Affiliates earn 75% commissions (or 50% on recurring subscription upsells) on all upsells.  Because most of our products have upsell take rates of ~30%, this can increase your average commissions payout significantly.

The upsells offered to customers vary for each of our products, but typically each product has 3 upsell/downsell offers priced between $19 and $99.  These are hidden back-end offers not available except as “upgrades” to our primary products.

On most of our sales pages, we use special code to hide the “Add to Cart” button from visitors for a specific period of time (between 3 and 14 minutes depending on the offer).

On subsequent visits to the sales page, repeat visitors will always see the Add to Cart button immediately.  The button is only hidden on a visitor’s first time on the page.  Refreshing the page should reveal the button (unless you have cookies disabled in your web browser).

This forces visitors to watch our sales video and become “sold” on the product before they realize the video contains a sales pitch.  We have used extensive A/B split tests to confirm that this does boost conversions significantly compared with always showing the Add to Cart button immediately.

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for all of our products. We stand behind the quality of our programs and want all of our customers to be satisfied.

This generous refund policy greatly improves customer confidence and increases conversions, and the vast majority of customers are happy with their purchase and do not request a refund.

If a customer you referred through your affiliate link orders one of our products and requests a refund within 60 days of purchase, ClickBank will process the payment reversal and your original commissions on the sale will be debited from your ClickBank account. This does not cost you anything as an affiliate, you simply don’t earn commissions for the sale after it is refunded.

Refund rates for our 5 products vary greatly depending on the offer and the traffic source, but rarely exceed 8-10% and can often be below 5% on average. If you are concerned about refunds, we also offer CPA payouts by request. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) means you get paid a flat commission amount on every sale, even if a customer later refunds their order. This will not increase the commissions you earn per sale overall, but will ensure that you will never have to worry about future refunds on any sales you refer.

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